Your First visit

During your first visit, we listen, explain your diagnosis, treat and build a personal plan


We Listen

Here at Forte, your treatment starts with us taking a detailed case history. We like to hear your story, and understand your goals and how you use your body. This helps us build a treatment plan that gets you back to living the life you want to live.


You will then be taken through a careful assessment where we test your movement patterns, not just to see what hurts, but to see how your whole body moves. This helps us decide the best treatment style for you.


Hands-on treatment facilitates and accelerates recovery. We use massage, stretching and manipulation techniques, and some of our practitioners use tools like acupuncture and RockBlade techniques.

Your Plan

The most important part of a treatment is the exercise and lifestyle tips you take away. We want our patients to feel in control of their health, and the right education and advice is the way to do this. We encourage you to film exercises on your phone, so you always have them to hand.

Health is a journey, and it is our honour to help you along the way.

Osteopath Reviews

Keeping Chelmsford Moving
Very good friendly service, would recommend to anyone.
David Brett
David Brett
15:32 15 Apr 24
My experience with Forte has proved exceptional. My engagement has been with Gemma, sports massage expert. I went for a specific issue and now regularly go because she has (a) solved the problem and (b) worked hard on reoccurrence and general well being. If anyone needs a sports massage try her. You won't be disappointed.
Terry Quigley
Terry Quigley
10:28 25 Mar 24
Took my wife kicking and screaming as she didn't think it would solve her week long back pain. An hour later she came out with a beaming smile and I had the look of "I told you so".Awesome service, no doubt we will be back
Mike Venner
Mike Venner
11:05 16 Mar 24
Vey good visit went through what treatment I would need very good treatment very polite has helped my condition hopefully will progress to terminate the pain I am suffering
Stephen Kemp
Stephen Kemp
14:28 07 Feb 24
Chris sorted out my long-standing neck problem which was showing no signs of improving through rest. Great guy - give him a go and I don't think you'll regret it.
Maurice Crockard
Maurice Crockard
13:50 05 Oct 23
Everytime ive needed treatment for my pain the staff have been so lovely, informative and helpful. I always recommend these guys to anyone as i know they go above and beyond to help you. Big shoutout to the new assiocate osteopath Harry who is very down to earth and easy to have a chat with. He did a great job of treating my shoulder pain, informing me about next steps to take, exercises to do and making me feel at ease. 👍✨️
12:04 18 Sep 23
Fantastic clinic, Chris has always been able to get me moving again from running injuries, martial arts to crossfit.Worth a visit!
Amar Mistry
Amar Mistry
11:39 02 Aug 23
Can't recommend Chris and his team highly enough. Professional, knowledgeable, and all round miracle-worker!
Lucy Hughes
Lucy Hughes
12:59 25 Jul 23
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Chris Branch
Principal Osteopath, BOst., FAFS
Niro Sriskandarajah
Senior Osteopath, MOst.
James Di Cicco
Senior Osteopath
Harry Nunney
Associate Osteopath, MOst.
Gemma Templeton
Sports Massage Therapist 
And Acupuncturist
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Book with James Di Cicco
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Private Health Insurance

Osteopathy is often covered by private health insurance, but in some cases it is an additional element of the policy or you may need to get a referral from your GP or approval in advance. It is best to contact your insurer and ask about the details and process for your particular policy. We can invoice direct to the insurer if appropriate.

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