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Effective Sciatica Treatment

By finding the root cause, treating and then creating a plan to keep you pain free…

Common causes of Sciatica

Sciatica occurs when the sciatic nerve, the longest and largest in the body, is pinched. Here are some common causes:

  • Piriformis Syndrome: This is a condition in which the piriformis muscle, located in the lower spine, compresses or irritates the sciatic nerve. This can cause pain, numbness and tingling sensations that travel down the back of your leg.
  • Spinal Disc Herniation: A herniated disc occurs when the spongy material between the vertebrae in your spine bulges out of place, pressing on the sciatic nerve. This can cause pain, numbness and tingling that radiates down the back of your leg.
  • Spinal Stenosis: Spinal stenosis is a narrowing of the spinal canal that can occur as we age. As the canal narrows, it can put pressure on the sciatic nerve and cause pain, tingling and numbness in your leg.
  • Spondylolisthesis: This occurs when one vertebra slips out of place over another vertebra, placing pressure on the sciatic nerve. This can cause pain, numbness and tingling in your leg.
  • Trauma: A traumatic event such as a car accident or fall can cause damage to the spine that results in sciatica symptoms.
  • Pregnancy: As the uterus grows during pregnancy, it can put pressure on the sciatic nerve, resulting in pain and numbness. This is a common condition during pregnancy and usually resolves after childbirth.

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Sciatica explained

Sciatica is a condition caused by compression or irritation of the sciatic nerve, which runs from your lower spine down the back of each leg. Symptoms may include pain, numbness and tingling sensations that radiate out from the lower back and down through one or both legs. Sciatica can be quite painful and debilitating.

The sciatic nerve sends signals to and from the legs, allowing you to move them freely. It also carries sensory information about touch and temperature back up to the brain.

How does an Osteopath treat Sciatica?

An osteopath uses manual therapy techniques to treat sciatica. Osteopathic treatments can include soft tissue manipulation, joint mobilisation, and stretching exercises to reduce pressure on the sciatic nerve and alleviate pain. Your osteopath will also provide advice about posture changes and lifestyle modifications that can help you manage your symptoms more effectively. The goal of osteopathic treatment for sciatica is to reduce pain, improve mobility and promote overall well being.

For people living with chronic sciatica, osteopathy can also help to prevent further episodes of pain or discomfort by identifying possible factors that may be contributing to the condition in the first place. By addressing these underlying issues, your osteopath can help you manage sciatica more effectively.

Generally speaking, most people who receive treatment for sciatica experience a noticeable reduction in their symptoms within four to six weeks. However, results may vary depending on the underlying cause and individual circumstances. Your osteopath will monitor your progress throughout treatment and make adjustments as needed.

How long does it typically take to recover from Sciatica?

The length of time it takes to recover from sciatica depends on the underlying cause and individual circumstances. Generally speaking, most people experience a noticeable reduction in their symptoms within four to six weeks with treatment from an osteopath. However, recovery times may vary depending on the severity of your condition and other factors. Your osteopath will monitor your progress throughout treatment and make adjustments as needed.

Treatment Summary


The osteopath will then use gentle manipulation, stretching and massage to help reduce pain and stiffness.

No. Of Visits

In some cases, a single visit may be enough to reduce pain and discomfort. In more severe or long-term conditions, a course of treatments may be necessary to achieve lasting relief.


We will also provide advice on lifestyle changes, such as exercise or ways to improve posture, that can help support recovery.

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Osteopath Reviews

Keeping Chelmsford Moving
Chris sorted out my long-standing neck problem which was showing no signs of improving through rest. Great guy - give him a go and I don't think you'll regret it.
Maurice Crockard
Maurice Crockard
13:50 05 Oct 23
Everytime ive needed treatment for my pain the staff have been so lovely, informative and helpful. I always recommend these guys to anyone as i know they go above and beyond to help you. Big shoutout to the new assiocate osteopath Harry who is very down to earth and easy to have a chat with. He did a great job of treating my shoulder pain, informing me about next steps to take, exercises to do and making me feel at ease. 👍✨️
12:04 18 Sep 23
Fantastic clinic, Chris has always been able to get me moving again from running injuries, martial arts to crossfit.Worth a visit!
Amar Mistry
Amar Mistry
11:39 02 Aug 23
Can't recommend Chris and his team highly enough. Professional, knowledgeable, and all round miracle-worker!
Lucy Hughes
Lucy Hughes
12:59 25 Jul 23
Went for a first appointment for RSI with Chris. Simply incredible. Listened carefully, very calm and then offered helpful advice. Worked on my back and shoulders and arms and explained connections between different parts. Provided exercises via video and Youtube (for a secondary issue which he was kind enough to offer help on as well even though the session was meant for RSI). Already booked a 2nd appointment and feeling super happy.The receptionist was lovely and kind and the atmosphere of the place is superb as well. 10/10 overall for everything.
guy oliver
guy oliver
11:50 25 Jul 23
It's such a welcoming atmosphere in the clinic, and the team at Forte are outstanding! Very knowledgeable and they work with you to support your injury/condition! Highly recommend!!
Tom Regan
Tom Regan
20:55 03 Jul 23
I've seen Niro on and off for a few years now when needed and would highly recommend. I even took my 11 years old daughter who's Autistic to see him, he was amazing with her. His manner is professional but friendly. I've previously had a negative experience with another well known clinic in Chelmsford, felt as if they were just interested in the money and doing more treatments than needed, i have never had this with Niro. Great staff, lovely place, highly recommended.
Verity Roberson
Verity Roberson
18:37 24 Jun 23
Great first appointment, Chris listened hard and responded with appropriate treatment
Lynne Taylor
Lynne Taylor
10:55 06 Jun 23

Let’s take action to treat your Sciatica

Chris Branch
Principal Osteopath

We understand that taking the first steps to becoming pain free is always a big decision.

I'd like to personally reassure you that every case is dealt with respectfully, transparently and with care.

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Private Health Insurance

Osteopathy is often covered by private health insurance, but in some cases it is an additional element of the policy or you may need to get a referral from your GP or approval in advance. It is best to contact your insurer and ask about the details and process for your particular policy. We can invoice direct to the insurer if appropriate.

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