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Nutritionist, Chelmsford, Essex

Nutritionist, Chelmsford, Essex

A nutritionist can help a lot whether you have weight or general health issues or just want to improve your overall nutrition to maintain your health as you get older. Our nutritionist graduated as a Nutritional Medicine Practitioner and has had a life long passion for nature as medicine, gaining much nutritional knowledge from her early teens for her own health needs. Living overseas and travelling extensively, Adele has real-life experience of how different cultures use food and plants as medicine and the ways in which an individual’s nutrient needs are met in line with the environment they live in.

Adele applies the Functional Medicine approach to her practice – where a person is seen as a ‘whole’, not just as an isolated set of symptoms. When working with clients, she spends time listening to their history and looking at the interactions among genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors that can influence long-term health and complex chronic disease.

If deemed necessary, laboratory testing will be recommended to gain a deeper understanding of the route cause of a health issue or imbalance in the body. Each client receives a personalised plan, recommending specific foods and supplemental nutrients to support and restore the proper physiological functioning of the body. Programs can vary in duration depending on the needs, compliance and requirements of the patient.

* Our qualified and experienced nutritionist will work with you on a personalised programme in our private clinic

* Highly reviewed nutritionists with top ratings on Facebook and Google Reviews from local people who have worked with them in our Chelmsford clinic

* Our nutritionist can provide the best personal diet and nutrition programme for you (see our staff page for more information on qualifications and experience)

* Whether you want to come to our clinic for a look around, to find out more about our nutritional therapy services or to book a session with a nutritionist, call us on 01245 522360 and we can help you make it happen.

Benefits of using a nutritionist

Food is fuel for your brain and body and it directly affects the function of your entire system. When you improve your diet with high-quality foods full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, you ward off long-term disease, decrease weight gain, lower blood pressure, and increase energy and emotional health.

Even though it may seem simple, sometimes navigating the grocery aisles and nutrition labels can be overwhelming and a lot of the nutrition advice you find in the media and online can be very confusing and not seem to really apply to your own circumstances. Working with a nutritionist can help you work through the information overload and create a plan that’s perfect for you.

Nutrition is more than simply counting calories, it’s a complex science that’s very specific to you and your body.

Here are some of the benefits of working with a nutritionist (and we are sure you will find many more once you get started):

  • Personally tailored nutritional advice and diet plan
  • Help managing weight loss if needed
  • Help managing chronic conditions such as diabetes, abnormal blood sugar, high cholesterol, eating disorders, metabolic disorders, coeliac disease
  • Guidance navigating food allergies, sensitivities, self-image and overall nutritional understanding
  • Improve your relationship with food and live an all-round healthier lifestyle

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