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Don’t wait for it to get worse, get a professional assessment

A lot of people with niggling aches and pains or injuries know that something is not right with them and that it is not getting better on its own, but they are not sure what it is or what can be done about it. Just leaving a problem and hoping it gets better is not always the best approach – it means you are limited in your activities as well as being in pain and it is possible that the condition will actually get worse rather than better. The best approach is to have it assessed by an expert as soon as possible so you know exactly what the problem is and what caused it and that you are taking the best approach to making it better and getting back to full function.

Osteopathy is a safe and effective method of treating aches and pains and injuries

Osteopathy is a manual therapy that was created in the 1800s and has evolved over the years into one of the most popular treatments for people with a wide range of musculoskeletal pains. Osteopathic treatment is guided by a few fundamental principles:

  • The body is a unit – everything in the body is connected and we look at the whole body to understand why your injury occurred and how to prevent it in the future.
  • Structure governs function – each part of the body is designed to perform a specific role and the angles and orientation of the structures of the body make it function in the best way possible.
  • The body has self-regulatory mechanisms – the body has the ability to heal itself and as osteopaths, we assist in this process by helping the body to move better, increase the blood supply to the desired parts and give exercises that can assist the recovery.FPH Guide to Osteopathy

Our Osteopaths are fully-qualified, registered and experienced

All of our osteopaths have completed degrees in osteopathy (4 years of study plus minimum 1,000 hours of clinical training) and are registered with the General Osteopathic Council. In addition, most have post-graduate qualifications and many years of experience assessing and treating patients. The title ‘osteopath’ is protected under The Osteopaths Act 1993 and in the UK, all osteopaths must be registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) which promotes effective treatments and patient safety by setting, maintaining and developing high standards of osteopathic practice and conduct. Our professional staff know what they are doing and can help you get better fast.

We have written a “Guide to Osteopathy” with a lot more information about what we do and what to expect at your appointment – click the image on the right to download the PDF document.

The benefits of seeing an osteopath privately – fast, convenient, effective

Osteopathy is not widely available on the NHS, although other approaches like physiotherapy are, but you will need to get a referral from your General Practitioner and wait to get an appointment at your local hospital or medical centre. It is unlikely you be able to choose a time for your appointment and it may be inconvenient or mean you have to take time off work. When you do get to your appointment at the allotted time, it is often the case that the overworked staff will be running late and they may not actually treat you at that first appointment, so you may have to wait again for another appointment. All this time you are in pain, your life is being affected and your condition may be getting worse.

A Forté Physical Health in Chelmsford we can quickly book an appointment on a day and time to suit you and without the need for a GP referral first. You can be seen, assessed and start treatment if needed within days rather than possibly months. You will know exactly who you will be seeing and be confident that they have the experience, time and resources to help you get better fast. We don’t keep people waiting past their appointment time and if follow-up sessions are needed they can be booked with the same practitioner quickly and on the most effective treatment timetable rather than waiting for whoever or whatever dates are available next.

Easy access to our modern and comfortable clinic by train, bus or car with free on-site parking mean you will not be struggling around a large site trying to find the right place and possibly making your problems worse on the way.

Our patients think it is worth the extra cost to get back to work and leisure activities faster

You will need to pay to see our osteopaths privately (though it is often covered by insurance policies) but what value can you put on your health and making sure you recover from injury or physical problems quickly and effectively so you can get back to your normal life? Our patients tell us that they are very happy with the service and treatment we provide and often tell others about it on Google Reviews and Facebook Reviews.

Free parking at our Chelmsford osteopathy clinic

Free parking at our Chelmsford osteopathy clinic

Come to Forté Physical Health!

We know there are other osteopathic practices available, but we think our combination of professional experience, long-established business in Chelmsford, location and easy access and our thousands of happy past-patients is hard to beat.

In addition to our outstanding osteopathy services, we also have fully-qualified and experienced staff to provide sports massage, acupuncture, sports injury rehabilitation and nutrition therapy.

We would love to help you with any ailments or injuries you are suffering from and also with maintaining your health and fitness or achieving your potential and avoiding injuries in any sporting activities you love. Whether you want to book an appointment or find out more about what we do, just give us a call on 01245 522360 or pop in for a chat and we will show you why we are so popular with our patients.

Our services

These are our main service categories – there is also more information on our services here.

  • Osteopath – our qualified and experienced osteopaths can treat injuries, aches and pains
  • Acupuncture clinic – acupuncture and dry needling as part of your physiotherapy treatment
  • Nutritionist – expert assessment and advice on your diet and nutrition
  • Rehabilitation centre – injury rehabilitation to get you back in action fast
  • Sports injury clinic – a range of treatments to deal with sports injuries and sport rehab services
  • Pain control clinic – whether it is back pain, sciatica or arthritis, our osteopaths can help
  • Sports massage therapist – a range of sports massage and deep tissue massage services
  • Wellness centre – it is not just about treating injuries and pain, we want to ​help you stay fit and healthy so you can live life to the full
  • Running Store – running assessments and gait analysis to help you improve performance as well as event preparation and recovery
  • Physical therapy clinic – the full range of services from our qualified osteopaths is available in our Chelmsford clinic