Infection Control Procedures in the Clinic

Our video here was made as we entered lockdown #2, but the principles still apply to the current situation in England and it outlines the guidelines that allow us to be open. Below, you can read in more detail about our infection control procedures.

We look forward to helping you with your physical health, while giving you confidence that we are doing everything we can to make a clean and sanitised environment to come to.

The Patient Journey

Please do not attend the clinic if you have experienced any cold or flu-like symptoms in the last two weeks, or have been in contact with anyone who has. We will not be able to treat you in the clinic.

Once your appointment is booked, our system will send an automated confirmation email. It will contain more information about our new procedures.

When you arrive to the clinic, please come to the rear entrance and wait there to be greeted by one of our team.

Please bring your own mask to wear inside. We also recommend you bring your own towel to make laying on the plinth more comfortable as we no longer use plinth covers. Although this is not necessary, it is particularly helpful for massage appointments.

When we are ready to have you in the clinic, we will ask you if you have had any symptoms in the last 2 weeks and we will record your answer in our notes. We will then spray your hands with an alcohol-based sanitiser.

Your therapist will take you straight into the treatment room avoiding passing anyone else on your way.

Your treatment will take place with our new infection control processes (see below).

Your therapist will rebook your appointment in the room rather than at reception. Payment can be taken by card, BACS or you can now prepay if booking online.

You may exit the clinic by the rear if it is clear, or through our front door if there are people waiting to come in at the back.

We thank you for your cooperation in these new and necessary processes.

Our Clinic Procedures

All our staff arrive to the clinic either by walking or by car. Those who drive will be asked to disinfect their driving space, and those who walk will be asked to wear a mask if they enter any enclosed spaces on their journey to work.

On arrival to the clinic, our new opening up procedure will include disinfecting all door handles, light switches and surfaces. These will also be cleaned on an hourly basis throughout the day and at the end of the day.

In the treatment rooms, we have removed the cotton plinth covers and we have plastic pillowcases. Before any patients are treated, we will sanitise all surfaces in the treatment room, including the chair, plinth and pillows. This will be repeated immediately after each patient leaves and at the end of the day.

Our receptionists will be wearing masks. Our therapists will be wearing masks which meet the FRSM Type IIR standard outlined by Public Health England. The therapist will also be wearing a disposable apron and disposable gloves.

Our therapists will be following a specific procedure as outlined by Public Health England to put on and take off the PPE.

Between each patient, windows and doors to the treatment room will be opened to aerate the room.

Therapists will wash hands and forearms thoroughly following hand-washing procedures outlined by Public Health England.

We will be adding 15 minutes between each patient to deal with these extra procedures.

General Health

All staff are encouraged to look after their physical and mental wellbeing during this time.

Simple things like moving regularly, getting fresh air and sunlight, going to bed early, taking vitamin C and D, meditating and eating freshly cooked whole-food meals are all things that we have always advocated in our clinic, and are now more important than ever.

Our staff, both our therapists and our front of house team, always lead by example with our health and will be practicing what we preach with regards to looking after ourselves.