Chelmsford ParkRun

Chris Branch from Forté Physical Health tells us about the Chelmsford ParkRun, one of his favourite local activities.

Chelmsford ParkRun

Chris with his daughter, both going on the Chelmsford ParkRun

Chelmsford ParkRun is one of my favourite fixtures of the week in Chelmsford! ParkRun is a free 5k run hosted every Saturday at 9am in Central Park, Chelmsford.

The ParkRun organisation started in South West London, but has now spread around the world. Chelmsford boasts having one of the busiest ParkRuns in the country, and in some weeks we have even hit the top ten busiest in the world! I think this shows what a health-focussed community we have in Chelmsford, as well as some beautiful parks to run through on a Saturday morning, rain or shine.

It is an incredibly welcoming atmosphere and people of all abilities run or walk it. At the front, there are some super-fast club runners who zoom off, but they are in a minority. Most amble in the middle chatting away with a friend, pushing a pram or trying not to trip over their dog. And at the back are the “tail walkers” who cheer and clap their way around the course.

Everyone is welcome and there is no pressure to run the whole way, just take it steady and you will be amazed at how uplifting it can be.

Chelmsford ParkRun takes you on a beautiful 3.1 mile route starting from The Pavillion in Central Park, then taking you away from town towards Admiral Park, before looping back to the start. The route is exclusively in parks, not along any roads, and it is a blend of path and off-road, so be prepared to get muddy if it’s been raining!

There are full details of the course and a map here.

If you are able to walk or run 3 miles without problems, I don’t think you can find a more uplifting way to start your weekend.

The Chelmsford ParkRun is free, but you just need to register before your first run. You will be given a barcode and you need to bring along a printed copy of that if you want to get a time.

Our Chelmsford Osteopath practice, Forté Physical Health has helped many people prepare for and achieve their first 5k run and the ParkRun is a great way to meet like-minded people to help you on your health journey. So if you need any advice on running technique, avoiding injury and preparing yourself, or you need help getting over pain before you start, you know where to come 🙂

We are only a short walk from Central Park:

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