Back Pain
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pigeon pose
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Pigeon Pose Tips and Tricks

Benefits of the pigeon pose The pigeon pose is one of my favourite stretches! I call it a 'keystone stretch' because the pigeon pose helps to unlock so many things. The stretch primarily targets the glutes and the piriformis, but it will…
lower back pain
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Pain in the Lower Back - My Top 5 Tips

The statistics say that 80% of us will experience lower back pain in our lifetime, which is a lot, but I'm sure it must be more! Maybe I have a skewed perspective of reality because I'm an osteopath - everyone I see has (or had) a problem,…
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Myths of Painful Backs (Revisited)

Just over a year ago I wrote an article for this magazine titled 'The Myths of Back Pain'. In it, I discussed how it is okay to twist and bend despite all the health and safety advice, why you should be lifting heavy weights as part of your…

Back Problems On Holiday

Imagine the panic. You're taking a well-deserved rest away on holiday. The sun is beating down and that makes your crisp, cold drink taste all the better. Then, seemingly out the blue, your back goes. No! You're in a foreign country, not…
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Come Out of Hibernation Slowly to Prevent Back Pain!

Change of Seasons Every day, as I walk around the plinth treating my patients, I look up through the window and see the tops of the trees. Listening to my patients' stories, learning from them and laughing with them, and seeing the gradual…