How to Get More Energy in a Busy Life

First day back at work after the new baby and, funnily enough, I feel like I need more energy..! What's the quickest way to GET MORE ENERGY if your workload stays the same?  - - >  Cut out all processed sugar from your diet and practice…

Can a Nutritionist Help You?

I can tell you exactly when the biggest change in my own health happened. It was December 9th, 2010, and my appendix nearly burst. Thankfully it was caught early and whipped out before anything major went wrong. However, the fact that it…
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Come Out of Hibernation Slowly to Prevent Back Pain!

Change of Seasons Every day, as I walk around the plinth treating my patients, I look up through the window and see the tops of the trees. Listening to my patients' stories, learning from them and laughing with them, and seeing the gradual…